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Plan Reforms

Plan Reforms

EDGE provides support to government partners to increase their capacity to manage reforms by applying international management best practices.

EDGE is working with the Project Management Office of the National Reforms Council to develop tailored reform plans for Ukraine’s priority reform and mechanisms to monitor the reforms.

Streamlining and diversifying Ukraine’s economy – Building a national economic strategy

Request for Technical Assistance: Strategic planning, restructuring

EDGE Response: Supply of local and international technical assistance support

Ukrainian Partners: Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT)

Initiative Description: As a key contributor to Ukraine’s economic reform agenda, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT) has the mandate to promote economic growth for the benefit of all Ukrainians. MEDT is laying a new foundation for this growth by building strategies that will bring lasting prosperity for all Ukrainians. Key amongst these strategies and tactics are improved management of state owned enterprises / assets; promoting foreign direct investment; improving the conditions that will encourage the growth and development of Ukraine’s SMEs; and building a freer and fairer business environment, one that supports balanced local and international business development and bilateral and multilateral trade. EDGE has worked tirelessly with MEDT to identify and support the Ministry’s technical and management needs and HR gaps through technical assistance provided by the Project’s field team as well as flying in strategic, mission-critical international and regional trade and economic growth experts. Key EDGE-supported outputs to date include the facilitated development of a national, executive-level economic strategy led by the Minister and included all MEDT Deputy Ministers and top officials; a functional review of the Ministry; plans for reform for the public procurement process; and new legislation that supports the establishment of foreign representative offices.

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