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Communicate Reforms

Communicate Reforms

Building public awareness about reforms…the “I am a Reformer” campaign

Request for Technical Assistance: Support for public communications regarding Ukraine’s reform agenda
EDGE Response: “I am a reformer” Campaign
Ukrainian Partners: Multiple partners in the public and private sectors
Initiative Description: As the new Ukrainian government continues down the long and often difficult road to reform, increased public trust and support for the government is an important pre-requisite for comprehensive change. One of the best ways to build this trust and support is through effective engagement and communication with the public, informing and educating them on the progress of reforms but also building stronger two-way channels for communication. While the pace of reforms is slow and often unrelatable to an impatient public, stories of the personalities involved, the active working-level reformers are much more understandable. As such, EDGE, under its communication pillar and in cooperation with the Government of Ukraine, conceptualized and launched the “I am a reformer. I am part of the change.” communication campaign. This campaign cleverly interlaces a variety of media channels - short video vignettes, a public photo exhibit and a print ad campaign throughout Kyiv’s metro system – to promote a more personalized and relatable message about reformers and reforms. The vignettes and photos feature hardworking reformers: talented, committed, passionate and patriotic Ukrainian public servants from across Ukraine’s government who work tirelessly to meet the various challenges of reforms head on. Reformers are presented in everyday circumstances, spending time with family, exercising; and parallels are drawn between these activities and their philosophy towards change and reform. In this manner, the reforms are made more understandable to everyday Ukrainians with the underlying message that everyone across Ukraine’s society can and should be a part of the change.

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